My Transpersonal Identity Crisis

This is an open letter to my Eurotas friends across the world. Read more

Psychology and Cyberspace: Asking Big Questions

As a psychologist counseling individuals diagnosed as mentally ill for many years, I empathize with their suffering and am moved by their “big questions” which are: Read more

Review of Healing the Western Soul by David Lorimer of the Scientific & Medical Network

Reviewed by David Lorimer 

Some readers will recall the observation by CG Jung in his Modern Man in Search of a Soul to the effect that the fundamental challenge for his patients in the second half of life was the development of a spiritual outlook. Although Jung wrote about the I Ching and The Secret of the Golden Flower as well as researching yoga and Indian philosophy, he felt that Westerners should look for spiritual resources within their own tradition, advice which he himself applied in his studies of alchemy and Gnosticism. Read more