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Election Season 2016, Stop the Bullying

Today, many thought leaders are referring to the term “Consciousness of Oneness,” as a way for people to have improved lives. When we experience Oneness, we bring together mind and heart. First, we utilize our mind through the possibilities born from genuine cooperation, the creative power of dialogue, and generosity. Every human being and every […]

America’s Mass Identity Crisis

Originally published in Social Style Magazine on July 10, 2015. Not a day goes by lately, where I don’t hear gloom and doom woven into casual conversations I have with others. Patients, strangers and acquaintances alike lament over a wide array of problems, from anger at the amount of spam finding its way onto cell […]

My Spiritual Homecoming through Auschwitz

In 1989, my husband Marty and I picked a random week in November to make the trip from the U.S. to visit Auschwitz. Our daughter had been there when she had studied in Budapest, and she had wanted us to go and see it. As it ended up, we flew into Berlin, rather than Poland, […]