Healing the Western Soul:
A Spiritual Homecoming for Today’s Seeker

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Pictured alongside German Edition: Verlag via nova, (Publisher), Petersberg, Germany, August, 2017

The West is in the midst of a spiritual identity crisis.  What began over forty years ago as the “New Age” Movement’s idolization of Eastern spirituality, has led to Western seekers disavowing “God and Country.” Abandonment of one’s own spiritual lineage has created an individual and collective split of epic proportions.

Judith Miller Ph.D., Columbia University professor of Human Development affirms the absolute credibility of spiritual experience from all traditions in her book “Healing the Western Soul” (Paragon House, 2015). At the same time, the book’s main message is that today’s spiritual seekers with Judeo-Christian roots should rediscover and return home to who they are. Not to do so leads to a denial of identity and authenticity.

This is a radical message in the age of pluralism, diversity, and global spiritual fusion. Nonetheless, Healing the Western Soul has been translated into German and Italian, and is receiving worldwide praise from progressive and conservative venues alike. One review from Spiritual Directors International” for example, stated, “….this is by far the most thought-provoking book I have read as a spiritual director in many years.” And the prestigious “Scientific and Medical Network,” wrote, “… this book makes a significant staging post and should as such be compulsory reading for traditionally trained mental health professionals.” Paul Smith, author of “Integral Christianity,” penned, “… I devoured Miller’s book from start to finish in one setting…. I found myself wanting to send a copy of this book to every postmodern person I know with a note saying, “Hey, how about this!”

Italian Edition: Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) (Publisher), Milan, Italy, December, 2017

Growing angst in today’s Western world is the result of an erosion of strong cultural and spiritual identity, Miller asserts. Escalating depression and anxiety are at an all-time high, and fear, anger, and narcissism are epidemic. Healing the Western Soul is for millions of readers who have abandoned their faith because of secularism, popular culture’s focus on a spiritual smorgasbord, relativism, deep and often justifiable disappointment with organized religion, and psychiatry’s single-minded focus on the brain.

With empathy, ‘real-life’ case examples, and sensitive guidance, Miller challenges readers to expand their worldview, and re-discover that the essential message of our Western sacred ground is unconditional love.  This fundamental fact of who we really are, not only has the potential to transform mass numbers of individuals, but it can also create major healing in our troubled world. A meaningful, maybe controversial, but highly important book for our times.