East-West Transpersonal Breathwork, Spiritual Guidance and Psychotherapy 3-year Training Program


Location: Seoul, S. Korea and Black Forest, Germany

With: Ingo Jahrsetz — organized by Molla Kim Ph.D, Past Director of Transpersonal Psychology Department, Seoul Buddhist University, S. Korea

Registration is now open for an exciting, certified, international training program that provides serious seekers with a unique opportunity for intense and deep spiritual inner work with support and guidance from Drs. Judith Miller (USA) and Ingo Jahrsetz (Germany). This program, which meets alternatively in the Black Forest, Germany, and S. Korea twice a year – for ten days at a time – from June 2018 -2021, brings a committed and highly diverse group of people from around the world together.

In addition to participants going through their own personal initiatory journeys through meditation, shamanic exploration, and Holotropic (Transpersonal) Breathwork, they will experience and learn about ancient and contemporary East-West spiritual traditions and practices. They will also learn to effectively work with spiritual emergencies, different emotional structures, and first and second tiers of consciousness.

If interested, participants may also become certified as a Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator through I.I.B.P (international Institute for Consciousness Exploration and psychotherapy), which will then allow them to apply for a European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) certificate by direct award.

A rare opportunity to deepen one’s psycho-spiritual process, to expand one’s knowledge, to become certified as a Breathwork facilitator, and to become connected to people, and very sacred traditions and practices from around the world.

Translation: English/Korean

Contact: drjudithmiller@comcast.net


Curriculum and brochure for download.